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Copywriting: How to sell with text (English Edition)

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a skilled copywriter.

This eBook will explain what copywriting is. It will discuss the basic elements of copywriting and teach you how to write effective copy. It will provide you with tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies that can help you in your career as a copywriter. By reading this material, you’ll know how to sell products and/or services through your writing. Finally, you will discover the rules governing copywriting as well as the mistakes committed by beginners.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide for copywriting, this is the book you need. The pages of this book is filled with useful information that can help you get a great start in your copywriting career.

What you will learn in this guide:

The Basics of Copywriting
How to Write Copy
The Selling Aspect of Copywriting
The Rules of Copywriting

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Quiz: Was ist wichtig für einen guten Text und seine SEO Optimierung?

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